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Hauge on understanding the script buyer’s needs

August 23rd, 2008 at 10:05 pm

“… Developing relationships and getting your work read is essential to your success.

“Most writers who face this challenge fall into one of two traps: they listen to all the statistics about how hard it is, or take their first couple rejections personally, and recede into the woodwork; or, they assume that agents and producers are just sitting around with nothing to do, waiting for their script to arrive in the mail, so they scatter it out there with little thought of who will be interested or how it should be presented.

“If your screenplay is truly ready to submit, you must take one additional step before going out with it. Before you pursue any agent (or any producer, development executive, financier, pitch fest or contest) consider your submission from his or her point of view. By better understanding how your screenplay affects the agent’s goals and workload, you can be far more effective at getting your desired response….”

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