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Long on the value of honest feedback

August 24th, 2008 at 8:05 pm

“‘Is the crew laughing?’ is one of the questions we ask all the time on a comedy shoot. Because unlike the writers and producers and studio executives, they’re not paid to laugh. Or, to put it more honestly: they’re not paid enough to pretend to enjoy something they’re not enjoying….

“… So when the camera operator laughs, it matters. When the guy moving cable waits a few moments to watch the end of a scene, believe me, it means the scene is worth watching. And when the lighting guy tells a set decorator that ‘this thing will never see the light of day,’ well, it’s something you think about and carry with you all week. Who cares what the network thinks of it? They’re always wrong. They live in a haze of self-delusion, a world of pointless meetings and pompous bosses and ludicrous market research. But the crew – the crew sees a lot of shows and a lot of productions in a nine month period. The crew usually knows.” (h/t — Michael Taylor)

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