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Sokoloff on where to find things on her site

May 22nd, 2009 at 8:49 am

“… While every book sale and subsequent career has a lot to do with luck and timing, I also know that my own quick representation and sale had a lot to do with the fact that even though I was a first-time novelist, I had already written dozens of screenplays, some of which were original scripts that sold to various studios, some of which were novel adaptations I’d done on assignment. In other words, even though I was brand new to publishing, I’d been getting paid to tell stories for years. And I know my screenwriting background had a lot to do with my fast and painless entry into publishing - because my agent and editor said so….”

Alexandra Sokoloff posted earlier this week about the origins of her site, and followed up today with a draft table-of-contents road map.

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