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Klink on how to be indispensable to a showrunner

May 29th, 2009 at 9:55 pm

“… Onto a conversation I had with a writer friend recently about a project she and a writing partner had pitched to a studio.  The studio loved it and told the partners to go to script - only then revealing that the version they’d sold to the network was completely different than what the partners had pitched.  Which stuck my friend with an odd dilemma.  On the one hand - yay, job!  On the other hand - the project was not what she’d initially signed on for.  She’s decided to take what I consider a very intelligent approach.  Instead of bitching about how her precious idea had been mangled, she’s using the opportunity to sharpen a new tool in her toolbox - the ‘how do I make the elements I’ve been given into something great?’ tool….”

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