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Rogers on a second season

July 18th, 2009 at 9:54 pm

John Rogers posted about getting the Leverage gang back together for this summer’s run on TNT.

“… We’d literally written ourselves out of a show premise. You see, we’(d) sworn to ourselves we’d tell a complete story in Season 1, in case we never made an other episode of Leverage again. No cliffhanger endings for our story!

“Well then, too clever by half.

“So we started wrestling with how to bring the team back together. The natural reunion is a ‘help, I’m in trouble’ call. It gets you in hot, it immediately covers any motivations, it solves a multitude of writing problems … and so, perversely, we dug in against it….”

Elsewhere, Dylan Callaghan interviews John and fellow executive producer Chris Downey at the WGA West site.

Go to John Rogers’ place …

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