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Portrait of James Cameron

October 20th, 2009 at 10:14 pm

“… The pressures on Cameron are extreme, never mind that he has brought them on himself. His movies are among the most expensive ever made. ‘Terminator 2′ was the first film to cost a hundred million dollars, ‘Titanic’ the first to exceed two hundred million. But victory is sweeter after a close brush with defeat. ‘Terminator 2′ earned five hundred and nineteen million around the world, and ‘Titanic,’ which came out in 1997, still holds the record for global box-office: $1.8 billion.

“Cameron is fifty-five. It has been twelve years since he has made a feature film; ‘Avatar,’ his new movie, comes out on December 18th and will have cost more than two hundred and thirty million dollars by the time it’s done. He started working on it full time four years ago, from a script he wrote in 1994. ‘Avatar’ will be the first big-budget action blockbuster in 3-D; Cameron shot it using camera systems that he developed himself….”

(h/t — Victoria Wu)

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